Case Study

Graduate Opportunities Brochure
Non Press

Every year Fenwick recruits a team of graduates across their stores. Adverts are placed in the traditional graduate titles and in this competitive market its imperative that they are as striking and eye-catching as possible. Therefore copy needs to be kept to a minimum to leave room for a creative image and concept. To help with this brief we designed and wrote the graduate brochure which was sent off to every candidate who applied for the role. This brochure contained detailed information on what the graduate scheme at Fenwick consisted of, the company values and environment and potential career paths. As well as freeing up space in the press adverts, the brochure also helped immensely in raising Fenwick's graduate employer brand, moving them towards an employer of choice for graduates.

In order to ensure that we keep the brochure as modern and appealing as possible, we rewrote the content last year and also pushed for a new overall design. We conducted a number of interviews with various members of staff at different stores to ensure that we had an up-to-date and accurate view of working for Fenwick and Bentalls. We then worked some of the key quotes into the brochure copy to make it feel more personal for potential candidates.


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